Possible Causes

  1. The insufficient temperature in the barrel and die

  2. A higher level of filler and stabilizer. Also a higher amount of external lubricants such as wax.

  3. Gelation promoters are absent in the formulation


  1. Check the functioning of the temperature controller and check the stock temperature of the extrudate coming out from the die (melt temperature)

  2. Reduce the level of filler and stabilizer. Keep the optimum level of external lubricants.

  3. Use process aid and calcium stearate or secondary plasticizers depending upon the application of the products.

Possible Causes

  1. Hopper design is not suitable for powder feeding.

  2. The higher level of filler with very fine particle size and bulk density of the compound.

  3. The higher amount of filler with some dosage of wetting oil (DOP, Epoxy, CPVV etc.)


  1. Correct the design of the hopper and the angle of repose.

  2. Hopper should have a crammer feeding device. Also, mix fine particle filler with coarse particle filler at an appropriate percentage.

  3. Not free-flowing powder mix. Reduce the oil level and increase the mixing temperature. Also, mix some percentage of a scrap of the same compound.

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Possible Causes

  1. Powder mix enters into shaft bearing assembly.

  2. One pack stabilizer and lubricant are not properly mixed, and due to temperature, they form into hard particles.

  3. Lower K-value resin or coarser particles.


  1. Check to see that no powder is entered into bearing assembly. Ensure positive air pressure in the assembly or some leak-proof arrangement.

  2. Change stabilizers and lubricants and also adjust the mixing temperature.

  3. Check the resin K-value, change to higher K-value resin.


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